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CSE: Configuration and Load/Update Key

Question asked by SUDARSHAN KUMAR on Mar 15, 2018

I am using SK32K148 controller.I want to use only Secure Boot feature of CSE module.Parallel mode will be configured.


Our memory Layout will have Bootloader(around 64KB) and Application code, CSE will be configured to check Bootloader(64KB).


I have below question for CSE configuration

1.Configuration of CSE, Load/Updation of Key related logic should be downloaded as a separate package or can we include it part of Bootloader package?

2.If we include CSE configuration/key update logic in Bootloader part

   - Configuration/Key update logic will run only for the second RESET onward

3.How every update of Bootloader/update of BOOT_MAC_KEY needs to handled during final production if we have separate package?


Can you tell me which approach will be better.