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[NHS3100] I2C driver in "app_demo_dp_tlogger"

Question asked by Arna Lee on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Arna Lee

Hi Sir,


I am now woking on NHS3100 with LPCXpresso IDE.

I downloaded the SDK "" and imported into my LPC workspace.


We connected an acceleration sensor on NHS3100 board with I2C interface.

My trouble is that I am not sure how to drive the sensor with I2C on my project based on "app_demo_dp_tlogger".


I studied some documents and code in the SDK but I am still confused.


For example,

Should I add the module "i2cio" in the project "app_demo_dp_tlogger"?

Shoud I init I2C in the main function in the file “maintlogger.c”?

Or it is ok to just call some API function to read/write the sensor?

For example, the sensor read address is 0x33, one of the register of the sensor is 0x0F, how should I do (config/function call/...) step by step to get the sensor register value?


Sorry but I am a little new in the scope.

Really need your support and guide.