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Application of MY-I.MX6UL remote Real time Environment Monitor

Discussion created by Cherry Zheng on Mar 15, 2018

Environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring agency refers to the environmental quality condition of monitor and measurement activities. Environmental monitoring is to reflect the environmental quality indicators for monitoring and measurement, to determine the situation of environmental pollution and environmental quality. Environmental monitoring mainly includes monitoring physical index, chemical index monitoring and ecological monitoring the system.

Environmental monitoring is the basis of scientific management of environment and environmental law enforcement supervision, is the foundation of environmental protection work is essential. The core objective of environmental monitoring is to provide quality and change trends of environmental data, determine the environmental quality evaluation of the current major environmental problems, environmental management services.

Now the environmental problems is more and more concern, family, office, indoor air quality, and so on. It is necessary to pay more attention to the indoor environment monitoring. If the indoor air quality monitoring system, real-time monitoring of air quality, the harmful substances in early detection, early prevention, to avoid damage to the body.

In addition to indoor air monitoring, outdoor industrial pollution is also a very important problem. It also needs monitoring to protect.

As governments increasingly attach importance to environmental protection work, the environmental protection industry in recent years has maintained rapid growth in the channel. In the rapid development of the environmental protection work, environmental monitoring instruments also benefit significantly, and in pollution reduction, soil survey and other key environmental areas play an important technical support for the good momentum of development.

MYZR MY-I.MX6UL development board to provide online environmental monitoring equipment solutions: online collection of environmental protection equipment parameters on-line monitoring equipment through RS232/485, collecting data according to real-time data, one minute data, ten minutes, hours, data, data preservation, and through the TCP/IP protocol to transmit to the server, able to remote real-time the monitoring of environmental monitoring data.

Specific implementation process:

1, communication between data mining apparatus and on-line monitoring equipment

The data acquisition instrument collects multiple online monitoring devices through the RS485 bus interface of the MY-I.MX6UL development board, and collects the acquisition parameters into the data acquisition instrument through the MODBUS protocol, and performs corresponding operations.

The data acquisition instrument is collected through the MY-I.MX6UL development board RS232 interface point to the on-line monitoring equipment, and the data acquisition instrument is collected in the data acquisition instrument for the corresponding operation.

2, the communication between the data acquisition instrument and the server

The data acquisition instrument sends its acquisition parameters to the server via the TCP/IP protocol sent by the national standard H212 protocol.


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