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CLRC663 ISO15693 Example

Question asked by Jonathan Frech on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Anthony Rabine



I'm currently working with the CLRC663 evaluation board and have unsoldered the resistors that connect the CLRC663 to the NXP Microcontroller. I connected my own uC (AVR Familiy) to the CLRC663 and made a sucessfull attempt with a library to read and write MIFARE tags.


Now I'm looking for a solution to read UID of ISO 15693. The UID is all i need, no other data. Is there any schematic example how to initialize ISO15693? For mifare there are alot of examples and even libraries for avr, but for "15693" there is nothing.


I'm aware of the nxp nfc library, but this library is very extensive and high level and it would be un practical to port this library to AVR, even when its possible. For MIFARE you can initialize the reader with like an A4 Page of commands. I'm sure the same thing would count for 15963.


Anyone who can provide a schematic example? Like a list of commands to send?


Thank you.