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PWM HCS08 starter kit, prototype LED light.

Discussion created by Daryl Hurst on Oct 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2008 by bigmac
Hi, I just thought I'd ask some questions regarding a project I am doing at University. I have been asked to build a prototype LED light. 25 one colour and 25 another. Both will look white but will have different spectra properties due to the type of LED. This is for a filming project in my Audio and Video Engineering course.

I have been told I need to program a microcontroller using PWM to alter the light intensity of each set of LED's. My supervisor told me to get PWM generated and displayed on an oscilloscope. This is where I am confused. How would I test with an oscilloscope? I wasn't really taught PWM properly last year(if anyone knows any good tutorials that would be great). What kind of frequency would I be looking at just to get started and having a successful PWM sub routine working?

These are general questions and I am not looking for complete answers, just some pointers from the more experienced programmers out there. Thank you.

ps I have downloaded all the data sheets, and do know what registers need using...just not sure how to get started.