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C90TFS Flash driver on K66F

Question asked by Christie Su on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Mark Butcher



I am using "MK66FN2M0VLQ18" for my controller.

1) If my program is running in the first 256K range, I am trying to erase/program from 0x0004_0000 to 0x0007_FFFF, I get MCU RESET. It works fine if I disable interrupt during flash operation.

2) If I  am trying to erase/program from 0x0008_0000 to 0x001F_FFFF, it works fine. no need to disable interrupt.


1) Can I run a program in block0 and erase/program area in block0 as well? Or I have to erase/program in other block?

2) If need to erase/program in other block, why does it work if I disable the interrupt?

3) Is there any way to erase/program in the same block as running block? Do I need to set callback function to fix it?