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Problem using S32DS of debug and debug_ram

Question asked by Jerry Lee on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Jerry Lee

__attribute__ ((section(".text")))
int main(void)
      int counter = 0;
      short int your = 0;




I have add a declaration of  "short int your = 0;"  in the example  "eTimer_MPC5744P" in S32DS.

I am using the newest S32DS 2017 R1 .


In debug model, it works well.

In debug_Ram model, it didn't work.


The Disassembly showed:


236 short int your = 0;
40002d00: se_li r7,0
40002d02: se_sth r7,12(r31)


And it failed at se_sth every time,and it show  No source available kind of things.


So I wonder why?