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Solo X Pin to Pin Compatibility

Question asked by Infant Jesuraj Francis on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by Rita Wang

The iMX6 series summary sheet ( says the SoloX is pin compatible with Dual and Quad versions.
But the summary sheet in this link, says the SoloX is only available in 14 x 14 BGA 0.65 mm pitch, 17 x 17 BGA 0.8 mm pitch, 19 x 19 BGA 0.8 mm pitch” and the higher dual/quad versions are only available in 21 x 21 BGA 0.8 mm pitch.

Can you please confirm if the SoloX is pin to pin compatible with the Dual and Quad versions?


Regards, Infant Jesuraj