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How to reuses the modules on NHS3100 with LPCXpresso?

Question asked by Arna Lee on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Dries Moors

Hi Sir,


I am now working on NHS3100 with LPCXpresso and here I have a question.


In the document "NHS31xxSoftwareOverview.pdf", it talks about the module reuse but not mentions how to reuse the modules?


For example, I download the SDK "" so I study the examples such as "app_demo_dp_blinky".

I want to add/reuse the module "trace" in "app_demo_dp_blinky" example project. But how should I operate/config to add the module into my project?


Could you be kindly to provide some guide?

Sorry I am a newer in this field.

I am eager to get your support.


many thanks,