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How to correctly use intrinsic function __enable_irq()/__disable_irq() on cortex M0 without causing compiler warnings

Question asked by Malcolm Beale on Mar 13, 2018
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Can anyone please tell me how to use the intrinsic functions __enable_irq() or __disable_irq() in MCUXpresso without having the IDE show an implicit declaration warning. Processor is Cortex M0 (LPC11Axx) and I've included the header core_cmFunc.h which appears to contain them.


Are there any more header files to be included in my source file or something special to be done in the project build settings? Please note the processor is in power up and not running with any privilege settings as far as I can tell.


These global enable and disable interrupt functions earlier used to be in core_cm0.h but don't appear there in the new MCUXpresso IDE.


Thanks in advance.