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Problem with USB device example usbd_lib_cdc

Question asked by simonepuschmann on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Carlos_Mendoza

I'm running a LPC1769 board with the embedded artists base board and have problems with the usbd_lib_cdc example. I'm using the LPCOpen library LPCXpresso_8.1.4_606 on a Win7 machine.
If I start/reset the example the HTerm founds the corresponding VCOM, but I can not open this connection. I got an error message from HTerm: "Error in OpenPort: Internal error when initializing COMxx"
Only if I cut and reconnect the USB cable after start/reset the example I'm able to open the port. Sending strings from HTerm and sending them back from LPC1769 does work then, but I never get the first string "Hello World!" of the example. 


What must I do to reconnect USB without cut the usb cable?
Has anyone else similar problems and found a solution?


I have already requested the nxp support, but now 6 weeks have passed and no solution is found.