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Save constants in xROM - How does it read back?

Discussion created by Istvan Csajaghy on Oct 21, 2008
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Hi all,

There is something I do not understand with the constants in CodeWarrior and the option "Save constants in xROM" from processor expert.
I have some big arrays that I want to save in the data flash memory of my DSP56F8346. So I have selected the option in Processor Expert. I have checked with the debugger, and my arrays are in the flash memory, where I want them to be. But it does not seem that the program is reading them. And I do not understand how it is suppose to read them back...
I could read them with a function "Read_From_Flash" from a bean with processor expert, but in that case, there is no reason to declare as constants as it will make the code much complicated... So if someone could explain me what is happening, or if I am suppose to do something to make the program uderstand that the constants arrays are in the data flash memory...
Thank you!