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Boot Manager - BAM memory map

Question asked by Federico Reyes on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Federico Reyes


I am using MPC5777C for my application. I am trying to setup my Bootloader to be in location 0x0000 0000 with corresponding RCHW; bootloader then will jump to application if valid.

While using Lauterbach I can run bootloader in such location but after Power On/Reset, the uC is not going to _start of the Bootloader. The rest of the Flash is empty so there is only one place for RCHW



How can I configure the uC to jum to 0x0000 0000 after a reset is made.


P.S. I tried the same excercisewith an Applciation code that starts at 0x0080 0000 with a valid RCHW at that location and it works, but not the location 0x00000000.


Any ideas?