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FRDM-K82F SPI: How to change the chip-select pin for SPI-Master.

Question asked by Markus Härtinger on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Markus Härtinger


I started with the dspi_blocking_example_master_frdmk82f, which worked pretty well for me.

So I connected a different board with kDspiPcs0 on SPI0.

But now I also want to connect a third borad also with SPI0 but chip-select kDspiPcs1 (PTD4).

It is clear for me I have to initalize this pin as SPI0_CS.

But my big problem is, how to change between the chip-selcts whithin the program code.

Due to my understanding DSPI_DRV_MasterTransferBlocking don't have a possibility for selecting the chipselect.


Till now I haven't found any siutable example for this problem.

Can someone give me some hints.