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DSP56F805FV80E Failed to erase Flash

Question asked by 飞思 刘 on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by xiangjun.rong


Recently I can't load program onto DSP56f805. When I debug, Codewarrior mentions: CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to erase flash. I don't know why. Has anyone ever met this problem? I don't know how to check if there is something wrong with my dsp.

Thank you!

Bo Liu



最近我无法向我使用的dsp56f805考入程序,codewarrior提示: CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to erase flash. 请问有人遇到过这个问题吗?这是我的dsp坏了吗?我不知道怎么检测这款dsp是不是坏了。


Bo Liu