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Will a LS1043ARDB image I build with flexbuild work on LS1043ARGW?

Question asked by Andrew Barrow on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Yiping Wang

We purchased an LS1043ARGW (Residential Gateway) as the LS1043ARDB development board was out of stock.


I am trying to use Flexbuild to generate a hybrid Ubuntu image that will run on the LS1043ARGW. Is that possible?


I used the following steps (based on the LS1043ARDB flexbuild readme) to generate the image (on a separate 16.04 Linux host):

$ cd flexbuild
$ source setup.env

$ wget

$ wget

$ wget

$ wget

$ flex-builder -i mkrfs -a arm64

$ sudo tar xvzf components_arm64.tgz -C build/images

$ sudo tar xvzf arm64-modules-4.9.62.tgz -C build/images/ubuntu_xenial_arm64_rootfs.d/lib/modules

$ sudo tar xvzf linux-lib-firmware.tgz -C build/images/ubuntu_xenial_arm64_rootfs.d/lib

$ flex-builder -i merge-component -a arm64

$ flex-installer -b bootpartition_arm64_lts_4.9.tgz -r build/images/ubuntu_xenial_arm64_rootfs.d -m ls1043argw -d /dev/sdX (sdc in fact)


Each step seemed to work and boot, filesystem, etc. was written to the (quality name brand class 10) SD card at the end of the process.

When I install this SD card in the RGW and set the DIP switches for SD boot, I get nothing at all (via USB console).


Am I doing something wrong or is this impossible? Do I need to do something to the U-Boot on the image or the RGW NAND?