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How to program data directly into flash at a fixed address

Question asked by BC Stewart on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by BC Stewart

Target Processor:  K22F 1M flash, 64 pin.

Tools:  KDS and FRDM-K22F

Debugger Hardware:  Have them all.


I want to store large amounts of data to the upper regions of flash memory.  For example, audio wave data from 128K up to maximum of FRDM-K22F (512K).


Note that I do not want to use any flash programming function in my code.  I want to place it in upper memory as a static object.


I can do this with uVison and uLink by loading the .bin data file, setting the memory locations, and using the integrated uVision flash tool.  I then set my linker file to the end of code address of 128K-1 and I can load and debug the program without disturbing the data.


Now I want to do this with KDS and FRDM-K22F.  But don't know if this is possible. 


Please advise.