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Migrating CW3.1 -> CW(Current) with HCS12 microprocessor - EEPROM problem.

Discussion created by Thomas Ekstrom on Oct 21, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by Processor Expert
Hi, I have a small problem that's caused by me being bad.

I am migrating a couple of projects written for a CPU type MC9S12A128BCFU and I am having problems successfully using the IEE1:IntEEPROM bean after switching CW versions. I am unsure of whether to post this here or in the CW forum; if this is the wrong place, please move it.

The error after converting to CW4.6 in the IntEEPROM bean is always:

Address range shows Start Address as 0 and Used Size as 0.

After checking the memory map, I changed this to:

Start address 400. Used size: 3EF.

This shows as fine, but memory isn't written to EEPROM.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Kindly, Thomas