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OV10635 Failed to grab image number

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Kushal Shah

H/W: S32V234-EVB2 + MAX9286S32V234DB + MAX9271 + OV10635
S/W: BSP 14.0, VSDK 2.0

Hi Experts,

I'm facing a issue on S32V234 demo.
I got the isp_ov10635_quad demo source code from Shanghai local FAE.
I use Ubuntu tool-chain to build the demo.

Hardware architecture is as attachment.

Cause OV10635 camera module is include ISP, I mark the part of initial ISP parameter in maxim_user.cpp. Otherwise, demo will fail on initial I2C devices.
However, I still got a error message:
    ** Omnivision Ov10635 quad demo using Maxim Ser/Des HW setup
    ** Description:
    ** o Maxim 9286 deserializer board with 4xOmnivision Ov10635
    ** cameras each with 9271 serializer (on MipiCsi_0) expected as
    ** image input.
    ** o ISP converts YUV422 10bit piexel data provided by the sensor
    ** to YUV422 8bit pixels and stores single camera images into
    ** separate DDR buffers.
    ** o Resulting YUV 1280x800 image are displayed live using DCU.
    ** 150 frames (5s) for each camera stream are displayed before
    ** switching to a different stream.
    ** Usage:
    ** o no cmd line parameters available.

    Press Ctrl+C to terminate the demo.
    Framebuffer mapped at 0x7faf17e000.
    Failed to grab image number 0
    Demo execution failed.

Question is:
What does it means "Failed to grab image number 0"? How can I fix this issue?

Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo