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Debugging Problem with FreeRTOS

Question asked by Samuel Conti on Mar 12, 2018
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I develop an application with FreeRTOS since several weeks and since 3 days I have a problem.

I use the PE Multilink debugger with KDS V3.2.0 and processor expert. I installed FreeRTOS Task Aware Debugger for GDB plug-in.


All worked fine until the last week where I had debugging problem :


1)  It seems that debugger is not able to debug all thread except "main thread". Normaly in the debug window there is state of all thread (I had this possibility before) but now nothing except "main" thread. See "Only One Thread.png".

However all threads are running, my application works fine.


2) When I place a breakpoint, the application stops correctly but it's impossible to use "step by step " to debug ("step into / step over / step return)? It works only at start-up when executing code in "main" function. It seems to have a direct link with the first point...


3) When I launch the debugger and I do a "suspend" then a "resume" the application doesn't run again. Same with a "terminate" I have the is error message : Erreor Message.png.


4) When I launch the debugger and I do a "suspend", "Task List" is empty, "Queue List" have this error :Error Queue.png and this one: Remot Failure Reply Error.png


Does anybody know what's the source of this problem ?


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