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CLEV6630B v2.0 not working with NFC Cockpit 4.7

Question asked by Oleg Tcaregorodtcev on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Oleg Tcaregorodtcev


I'm using NFC Cockpit and CLEV6630B board and I get these messages:

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:INFO:ServiceFactory:Generating Services for VCOM_RC663 @COM3

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:Invalid Interrupt Trigger Detected!!

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:m_bal.SetConfig(HalHwType,RC663) failed. Status=GENERIC,USE_CONDITION

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:generateServices(VCOM_RC663 @COM3) Failed with GENERIC,USE_CONDITION

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:INFO:ServiceFactory:uC FW Version: NNC_uC_VCOM_01.01.00_20170130 (Compiled on Feb  2 2017 14:36:40)

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:WARN:ServiceFactory:Please use the MicroController FW provided with this version of the GUI

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:SelectBalHalOsal(selected_board) Failed with GENERIC,USE_CONDITION

[2018.03.09 11:19:07]:WARN:UcVcomBalDelegate:Assuming Secondary FW Upgrade is supported


Under the tab "extra" there's only a tab "Secondary FW". I've found a folder called C:\nxp\NxpNfcCockpit_v4.7.0.0\firmware\Secondary_RC663, which looks like the most relevant one. The readme there says:

Binaries for LPC1769 :


RC663 Board Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary.bin: (For IDE)

- Reference secondary Firmware to be run on LPC1769 on the given Board - This file should be loaded through Secondary FW Upload feature of the GUI on LP1769 - This reference applicaiton implement 3 Minimal RTOS Tasks to perform RF On/OFF and ON-OFF - This applicaiton implements EMVCo Loop Back


BootLoader_And_Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary.bin: (For Debuggers)

- Binary file that has already stacked Boot loader from address 0x0000 onwards and Upper Secondary Application at address 0x4000. This file can be used to flash on LPC1769 as a single binary from address 0x0000 onwards using relevant Debuggers/Flash Programmers.



extra/BootLoader_And_phRfOnOff_Secondary.bin: - Similar to Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary, but a minimal firmware that can be used to just perform RF On/RF Off for testing.

which one is relevant for the intended out-of-the-box functionality?


If I need to use older version of NFC Cockpit, where can I download it?