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T2080 custom board stop at

Question asked by tap yang on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by tap yang

Hi, Dear experts:


We designed a t2080 custom board refer to T2080RDB-PC. And we deleted the CPLD, and used fixed pins

connection in contrast to T2080RDB-PC.


I burn the RCW(0xe8000000 ~ 0xe801ffff) and U-BOOT(0xeff40000 ~ 0xefffffff) to custom board's NOR FLASH, then it can not start up!


I use the CodeWarroir debug the U-BOOT, It shows that it stop at "STD_EXCEPTION(0x0e00, InstructionTLBError, UnknownException)" in start.s.


The RCW register is shown as attachments.


I think the RCW has loaded and have jumpped to the U-BOOT. But,  Why it stopped at start.s?


What shoud I modify the RCW or U-BOOT or Hardware?


Expecting your reply and Thank you very much!