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[MKW01] Reset Pin as GPIO

Question asked by Giancarlo Zanuz on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Giancarlo Zanuz

OK, I need to use the RESET pin (PTA20) as a GPIO, so I saw I need to change the RESET_PIN_CFG field in the FTFA_FOPT.


For what I have read I need to configure the FLASH with these new parameters in the linker file (.icf).

My question is, how do I configure the linker file to set these fields so I can use the RESET pin as a GPIO?


I'm working with IAR 7.5, and apparently its necessary to enable writing on theses protected areas, as saw in Using IAR EWARM to program flash configuration field. This procedure is still correct?


Attached is my linker file.


Thanks in advance,



EDIT: OK, I've found this piece of assembly code in 'startup_MKW01Z4.s', which I believe its related:



But I'm kind of afraid to change to wrong values and mess up my board. Anyone could confirm this?