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Redlib documentation missing?

Question asked by danielholala on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by danielholala

Hi there,


I wonder if anybody has any documentation on Redlib, especially about reentrancy and dynamic memory allocation?


By default, MCUExpresso uses Redlib for new C projects. According to the IDE User Guide, NXP recommend the use of Redlib. So one would expect that there's documentation about a component at the core of an embedded project. However, I haven't found anything yet (except for some scarce information in the IDE User Guide).


I'm interested how Redlib handles notoriously non-reentrant functions like strtok(). Additionally I'd like to know how Redlib uses dynamic memory allocation, e.g., whether snprintf() does any calls to malloc()/free()


Obviously, there's no source code for Redlib available so I can not check for myself. According to the header files, there are no explicitly reentrant counterparts like strtok_r() available.