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Watchdog (COP) problem

Question asked by Miha Krejan on Mar 8, 2018
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I have trouble enabling watchdog (COP).

I am using KW01_Connectivity_Software_1.0.0.

Source code is:


  cop_config_t copInit =
      .copWindowModeEnable = (uint8_t)false,
      .copTimeoutMode      = kCopShortTimeoutMode,
      .copStopModeEnable   = (uint8_t)false,
      .copDebugModeEnable  = (uint8_t)false,
      .copClockSource      = kCopLpoClock,
      // COP reset after about 1s.
      .copTimeout          = kCopTimeout_short_2to10_or_long_2to18

  COP_DRV_Init(0, &copInit);


However watchdog is not enabled: COP_DRV_IsRunning(0) always returns FALSE  and MCU reset does not occur.

I have "#define DISABLE_WDOG 0" in app_preinclude.h

I have even try to write value 0x0C directly to SIM->COPC in system_MKW01Z4.c, but still no luck.