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Question asked by arnogir on Mar 8, 2018
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We developed a project few years ago (2015/2016) based on Kinetis K70, MQX 4.1.1 with Kds 3.0


On this Platform, we used the USB to plug an USB key (Mass storage) . This key can be need in many step in the product life:

- On first startup, when external flash is empty, we look for on the Key to copy some file needed for our application (Ressources for PEG Library)

- On product live, we could need to copy some application file from/to USB Key / external flash.

So we use also the MFS part..


Now, we need to add a Bluetooth communication to replace the current Serial port which come so obselete. Then the idea is to plug an USB/Bluetooth (

Then we need to used the USB port like an Host CDC.



Currently we used the USB in Host Msd like the provided exemple.

I seen the CDC host exemple which seem no much more complicated.

The question I have is:

- Can we configure the USB to work both in CDC/MSD which is automatically detected according the object which is plugged?

- If no, can we switch from Msd to CDC and CDC to Msd? => How "un install" Usb Msd driver properly?