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mpc8309twr sd card boot issue

Question asked by satya ranjan on Mar 8, 2018
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i am asking this question again because i need to boot my custom board with sd card having mpc8309 processor.

till now i have successfully completed all the basic requirements needed to boot from sd card.The dat file is correct

as per the working example form mpc8309som board given by pavel.

in uboot code i applied all the patches required for sd boot.

changed CONFIG_DEFAULT_IMMR to FFF00000 also.

right now i am using codewarrior 10.5.1 to debug sd card.

my RCW for sd boot is 1101.i can see all the ddr registers are getting properly updated what i have written in the sd dat file using JTAG debugger. but the problem is only with the RCWLR.according to the 8309RM i should get RCWLR=44040003 but i am getting 42040003.i dont know what is the issue here.while all other registers (including  RCWHR and DDR registers) are properly right now i changed the RCW from 1101 to this case i got the RCWLR with correct hard coded what is the issue with 1101.but still uboot not showing in console.

please tell me what i am missing now.and please share some specific documents for debugging u-boot from sd card.

i already raised a technical ticket but still now i didn't receive any respnse related to these doubts.

if anyone found any solution,please share.

with regards

satya ranjan