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Low-cost (custom) programmers and debuggers for MPC57xP

Question asked by ajuc on Mar 7, 2018



We are currently considering using the MPC57xP family for our upcoming project but are confused about the different options available for programming and debugging. It looks like only PEMicro programmers are available, which will have a big impact on our budget since we are not planning to create more than 10/15 boards. Do you know if it is possible to find/build a standalone openSDA programmer, or eventually use a development board (coming with openSDA thus) to program the MCU, similar to what is done here: Using the Freedom Board as SWD Programmer | MCU on Eclipse?


We would like to use S32 Design Studio as IDE, so the programmer has to be compatible with it...


If only PEMicro solutions are available, can we find our way with only S32 Design Studio and PEMicro's Multilink Universal for programming and debugging, or will we need additional tools?


Thank you for your help!