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Which development board should you choose?

Discussion created by Cherry Zheng on Mar 7, 2018

Which development board should you choose? Believe in these issues, customers will be more concerned, the following recommended several development board platform for everyone.


1. MY-IMX28 development board are available for smart gateways, handsets, scanners and portable medical devices, experimental teaching and embedded applications in the industrial field and so on. Freescale I.MX283 embedded core board with Freescale ARM9 series processors as its core. Replace Samsung 2440, ARM9 kernel with ultra-high performance-to-price ratio, main frequency 454MHz, CE and FCC certification, off-the-shelf commercial expansion, batch can be ordered for industrial temperature wide, rich peripheral resources, double CANN LCD2, 100 megabit Ethernet WiFi, SPI, I 2C, 2 way USB Host, SD card, RS232 / RS485, audio input and output, etc



2. MY-IMX6UL is based on NXP IMX6ULtraLite Cortex-A7 MPCore.  The launch of a new product platform, running at 528MHz, the main platform for the fields of industrial control, medical equipment and other industries. There are  three options, such as commercial, industrial, automotive grade. The core module of the platform and expand the floor, the core module uses high speed B2B interface, small size, high stability and seismic.


3. MY-SAM5D36 core board, as the core module series for mid-end applications, is based on Atmel ARM CORETX-A5. MY-SAM5D36, which includes a wide range of exciting new features. MY-SAM5D36 supports a wide variety of interface standards in the industry, making it almost unlimited for areas suitable for application.

The MY-SAM5D36 core board has brought many new technologies to the market based on our customers' valuable advice and engineers' in-depth industry expertise. The bottom plate only needs 4 layers or even 2 layers at most. The core board adopts the main international connection mode of DIMM200 to ensure the stability and reliability of the high-speed signal, the good connection performance, the ability to resist the violent vibration, and the complete ability to meet the needs of the industry. Violent vibration test of automobile and other harsh environment. Completely open software interface, convenient for users to customize their own system software. Perfect hardware and software design documents, fully open resources, it can speed up the launch of customers' products. This core board supports Linux QT 5 operating system.


MYZR is committed to the development and application of ARM kernel series CPU, and provides low power consumption, strong pertinence and high performance price ratio embedded products and embedded solutions for customers. MYZR has provided high quality embedded products to customers in various industries and fields. It has successfully established a long-term cooperative relationship with well-known domestic scientific research institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign related enterprises. In 2018, MYZR will continue to adhere to the user perspective, take the user as the center, provide users with stable functions, design excellent hardware circuits and complete open source software source code. Minimize product development risk and shorten R & D cycle, use our technology and services to exchange valuable time for customers, accelerate the speed of product marketing.


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