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AFIC901N RF amplifier failing

Question asked by Bob Gilbertson on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by LPP

Hello, I am attempting to use the AFIC901N 2 stage amplifier at 220 Mhz.  I have replicated the 136-174 Mhz broadband reference circuit from datasheet on my board.  I have scaled L and C values from the 155 Mhz center frequency to 220 Mhz. After some time the gate-to-source shorts to a few 10's of ohms.  Has happened to both first and second stages at times.  I suspect it may be the ESD input protection diodes being overstressed but not sure.  Running from 7.5V source and setting bias current set as specified in datasheet.  Something breaking into oscillation?  I am looking for ideas to solve the failures.