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compilation error (IAR IDE) on including auto detection service in my project on kl-25z with sensor fusion v.7

Question asked by manish kaul on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Shubhadip Paul

I'm trying to compile the sensor fusion library which comes along with the KSDK under issdk as middleware on my KL25z board but am getting this compilation error.


The file auto_detection_service.c on compilation says identifier "Driver_SPI0" is undefined. 
Whereas, Driver_SPI0 is defined in the fsl_spi_cmsis.c


I don't understand why is it showing this error even when the identifier is defined in another file. I can not even afford to remove this driver file from my build since this is responsible for the auto detection feature in the sensor fusion toolbox.

The same is the case with other 2 errors (Driver_I2C1, Driver_I2C0)

Can anyone please help by suggesting ways to remove this kind of error?