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LPC Link2 Boar ADCHS input connection

Question asked by CHEN CHUANPING on Mar 8, 2018

Hi, I like to test LPC4370 ADCHS capability , first I need to apply an analog input signal to LPC-link2 board, then I will practice with LPC4370 configuration and coding to test the ADCHS functionality.  I look the LPC-link 2 schematics and other document, but I am not sure where is the input pin for ADCHS。  


From Schematics , I see ADC input on J4 , asshown below.  



but I do not see the corresponding I/O on LPC4370 I/O, also on Schematics.   



Can someone tell me, 

1. Whether I can apply a signal in LPC link2 ,and gets to the LPC4370 ADCHS input ?

2. If I can, where and how ? 



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