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FXTH870911 module programmed successfully but it is not transmiting any signal.

Question asked by Pritam Patil on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Pritam Patil

Hi there,

             I have a FXTH870911 TPMS dev board. Also i have a code provided by NXP. 

The dev board was flashed with the same code earlier by NXP. Later, i just changed one SFR to change my output power from 5dBm to 8dBm. But now TPMS Evaluation board is not transmitting at all.



Steps followed:

  • Changed SFR value in Sources>>main.c
  • Build all
  • here, new S19 file was generated.
  • Clicked on flash file to target
  • selected programmer as PE Multilink universal.
  • Selected proper S19 file
  • last step "Erase and program".

here i got following message on console.


After this i checked my TPMS module with signal analyzer, but it is not giving any output. (Earlier it was showing output on signal analyzer).


Please help me out & let me know if there is any step which i missed.