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Sharing Cluster Instances Across Endpoints

Question asked by David Lythgoe on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by David Lythgoe

What is the best way to share various cluster instances across multiple endpoints?


Im working on a device with three endpoints, to save work and make better use of ram I want to share the instances of Basic, Identify, Power Configuration and Commissioning across the three endpoints.

JN-UG-3115 r1.2 (D.1) Describes two solutions to implement the Basic cluster across multiple endpoints:
      A) A single cluster instance on a dedicated ‘physical device’ endpoint
      B) A separate cluster instance on each ‘logical device’ endpoint, but each
            cluster instance must use the same tsZCL_ClusterInstance structure
            (and the same attribute values)

(A) sounds like what Im trying to achieve, but dont want an additional endpoint containing Basic, Identify, Power Configuration and Commissioning - unless there's an existing and corresponding application device id I can use.

(B) sounds like what I have at present, each endpoint having its own instance of Basic.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.