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imx8: best way to programatically move/resize windows or equivalent.

Question asked by Ondrej Bilka on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Bio_TICFSL

Hi, we need to set absolute position/size of windows programatically or trick with same result.


First how much will be building yocto with xorg and accelerated opengl/gstreamer supported? We already have codebase for that.


Next question is if/how could one do absolute positioning in xwayland? Would code for xorg work out of box? If not is there easy way to control absolute position of arbitrary window in wayland?


If not we basically need something like fullscreen qt app with transparent background and to be place multiple glimagesinks at specified positions. Do you have pointers to some example code?

I could almost verify functionality from command line with glvideomixer and glimagesink. I didn't find how to rotate pipeline, only whole window, it should be easy to add rotation property to videomixer pad. Also glimagesink window from command line tool has fixed size, how to change that?


This is needed for separation, one of use cases is running fullscreen chromium where from javascript one sends coordinates to app above and what and where it should stream. Or one server would send command to show some ad...