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NXP NFC Advanced Reader Queue

Question asked by Bernd Bogenrieder on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Bernd Bogenrieder

Hello Community,


since a few weeks i am stuck with an example of the NXP NFC Reader Library.

I am using the Advanced Discovery Loop Example Code. There is a FreeRTOS System underlying. In my second Thread of the freeRTOS System i have set some control Bits for the Discovery Loop. My Problem is to pass the information to the the first process.

It would be nice if i could use the queue function of the FreeRTOS, but when i try to receive the sent information i only get very weird values. For example when i sent from the second process a 3 through a uint8_t variable, i get a 82 in the other process.

The handle is right because i get the right amount of stored Datas in the queue and also can receive the right value in the same process. Only when i try to access the data from another process i get wrong values.

Does anyone know what the problem is when i try to pass the Data to an other process?


My hardware is the eval Board OM25180.



Best regards