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MCUx IDE fatal error: fsl_port.h: No such file or directory for KE06Z?

Question asked by Eyeow Lee on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Eyeow Lee

I am trying to migrate my existing project based on KE06Z from KDS IDE to MCUXpresso IDE development platform.

I managed to use MCUx SDK builder to generate the zip file for KE06Z. 

I managed to use MCUx Config Tools Ver4.0 to generate the .mex file for pins and clocks configuration. (noted peripheral configuration is not available for KE06Z MCU)

I also managed to install the SDK and import the .mex to the project I created. But every time I click on build project I will get error message "fatal error: fsl_port.h: No such file or directory". May i know what is the problem or i miss out any step?


I browse thru and compared with other SDK folder generated for other mcu, I can easily locate the fsl_port.c and fsl_port.h at the driver folder. So I wonder whether fsl_port.h and fsl_port.c is generated by peripheral configuration?

Or what other option i have to get the fsl_port.h and fsl_port.c for my dedicated configuration of KE06Z?