Help with alignment of types in S12XCPU and XGATE

Discussion created by KoT on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2008 by KoT
Hello, I can not understand as to solve the following problem: has created own type which I use both in S12X_CPU and in XGate, but at compilation has appeared the warning "L1827: Symbol ControlData has different size in xgate.cxgate.o (10 bytes) and main.cpp.o (9 bytes)". The type looks like the following: typedef struct _Measuring_Device_data { tHL2Byte addres; byte number; byte length; byte sign:1; t4Long value; } Measuring_Device_data; Used user's types: typedef union u4Long { long dWord; struct { tHL2Byte msw; tHL2Byte lsw; } _word; } t4Long; typedef union uHL2Byte { word _word; struct { byte msb; byte lsb; }_byte; } tHL2Byte; Prompt as to make type alignment that they had the identical size and S12X_CPU and in XGate?