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RappId Bootloader S32K144, and use of LPUART1 in Appl.

Question asked by Chris J on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Chris J

I have the RappId Bootloader flashed to my S32K144 and successfully flashing appl. by Serial.


But  I,m having trouble initializing LPUART1 in my application.


Regardless what I try to do I cant change the baud rate from 57600bps.


Finally I realized that the LPUART1 gets initialized in bootloader, right?


I have tried to set, and then clear, the Reset in GLOBAL reg. and then reinitialize LPUART1, -but don't work.

Getting stuck with 57600 even when i try to set 9600 (LPUART1->BAUD = 0x0F000034;)


Waht am I doing wrong?


And also, are there more modules/peripherals/clocks initialized in the bootloader that I should know about?


Thank you!