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Ethernet receiving issue in LPC54608

Question asked by Muralidhar M on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Dezheng Tang


      iam facing problem in receiving the data in ethernet in LPC 54608 ,plze help me

these are the following observations

 1.iam using the standard drives from the SDK_2.3.0_LPC54608J512 file , i changed the pin config according to the my deigned board.

my pin configuration is RXD0 -P0_13,   

RXD1 -          P0_14,

TXD0 -            P4_8,

TXD1 -          P0_17,

MDIO-           P4_16,

MDC-            P5_3,

REF_CLK    P4_14,

TX_EN         P4_27,

CRS_DV      P2_2,



when loop back internally  using MAC_CONFIG LM bit the data is receiving.

2.iam using LAN8720 phyter IC in application when we configured near end loop back in LAN8720 the signal is appearing on RXD0,RXD1 pins  correctly but no data receiving in the buffers.


3. the data is transmitting data correctly we verified in wireshark