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Which settings do I edit when changing from LPC4357 to LPC4333

Question asked by Jonathan Smith on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by soledad

I have successfulyl run the FreeRTOS demo 'blinky' on a demo board (Embedded artists development kit) which houses processor LPC4357 on a daughter board via a SODIMM connector. As part of a staged product development I have replaced the daughter board with a custom board which contains processor LPC4333, which will be used in my final design. I am using MXUXpresso.


The settings I have edited when changing procecssor are the 'MCU settings' in 'Project Settings' (to the new processor type) and also the 'Multicore' setting (so that the two sets of code are loaded onto the processor together).


Since this new processor has 2x 256kB flash banks rather than 2x 512kB, are there some other settings that need to be changed?