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Encrypted HAB U-Boot for i.MX6ULL dek_blob Not Working

Question asked by huzaifi on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Yuri Muhin


I've been trying to run an encrypted signed uboot. However, when I have to get the dek_blob.bin, I am unable to run the command. I am already able to successfully execute a signed u-boot with no HAB events.


To enable the dek_blob command I added the following defines to the code.


#define CONFIG_SYS_FSL_SEC_COMPAT 4 /* HAB version */


When getting the dek_blob.bin, I get the following error.


=> hab_status

Secure boot disabled

HAB Configuration: 0xf0, HAB State: 0x66
No HAB Events Found!

=> fatload mmc 1:2 0x10800000 dek.bin
reading dek.bin
16 bytes read in 9 ms (1000 Bytes/s)
=> dek_blob 0x80800000 0x80801000 128
data abort
pc : [<bff5682c>] lr : [<00000008>]
reloc pc : [<8780382c>] lr : [<c78ad008>]
sp : bef50d58 ip : bef515b4 fp : bff567d8
r10: 00000004 r9 : bef50eb8 r8 : bffa4b1c
r7 : bef9fc70 r6 : 80801000 r5 : 80800000 r4 : bef9fc70
r3 : 02142000 r2 : 0000000a r1 : 00000000 r0 : 00000080
Flags: nZCv IRQs off FIQs off Mode SVC_32
Resetting CPU ...


Furthermore, I know that CAAM is no longer supported by the i.MX6ULL. So I know that something is wrong.


What do I have to configure? I already have the NDA documents, please let me know what changes I have to make in my code or on the i.MX6ULL.


Thank you for the help!!