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Can't set Device in pass-through mode

Question asked by Markus Sköld on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by IvanRuiz



I am working with NT3H2111_2211 and developing an app using it. 


I seem to have a problem getting the NC_REG in to the right mode. it keeps giving the value 0x3D and never going in to 0x7D. I have done some debugging and the result is as follows:


- Session Register from Mirrored Session Register (sector 3, block 0xF8)

         - PTHRU_ON_OFF = 1b (value: 64)

         - PTHRU_DIR = 1b (value: 1)

         - FD_ON = 11b (value: 12)

         - FD_OFF = 11b (value: 48)

         - SRAM_MIRROR_ON_OFF = 1b (value: 2)


With this the NC_REG still gives 0x3D...


Any idea where I'm going wrong? Is there any specific issue known that could prevent it to get in to pass-through mode?


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