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TWR-KM34Z50M how to download software driver

Question asked by Isao Takashima on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Clifton Shak

I would like to download software driver for the TWR-KM34Z50M evaluation board.

I understand that NXP release MCUXpresso SDK for Kinetis evaluation board, but this SDK does not support the TWR-KM34Z50M.

I found the API reference manual as below, and I can download reference manual, but I cannot download KMSWDRVAPIRM_SW which is associated file of reference manual.


API reference manual for Kinetis M bare-metal drivers and software examples. ... (REV 4.1.6)

24 Nov 2016 API reference manual for Kinetis M bare-metal drivers and  software examples. (Unzip and open refman.html)

       ZIP   7.3MB  Application Note: KMSWDRVAPIRM
Associated File: KMSWDRVAPIRM_SW



Please let us know link address for KMSWDRVAPIRM_SW as soon as possible.


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