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5605B in place of the 5607B?

Question asked by Eric Castle on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Eric Castle

We are currently using an NXP part on my program (SPC5607BK0VLQ6), but we cannot find it in stock anywhere. It looks like the SPC5605BK0VLQ6 should be a drop-in replacement: same form-factor, same peripherals, same software, etc.


It looks like the only differences are listed in Table 2-1 of the MPC5607B manual: FLASH (768 kB instead of 1.5 MB) and RAM (64 kB instead of 92 kB). I don’t actually see the MPC5607B 144 LQFP listed on this table, but I'm assuming that it would have the same peripheral count as the 5605 and 5606 144 LQFP.


Can anyone confirm that I can use the 5605B in place of the 5607B? (I'm fine with the FLASH and RAM differences)