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Bitbake works for one user and not another

Question asked by Pat Sandt on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Pat Sandt

I'm successfully building an iMX6Q bitbake recipe for a sudo user on Ubuntu 16.04. Using the same setup and recipes for a non-sudo user on the same machine (Ubuntu 16.04) I get the "cannot import name data" failure.

I am cloning the project in the same way, run the and source commands in the same way. The PATH variables are the same. I believe that I should not have to be a sudo user to run bitbake.

The goal is to have jenkins run the bitbake. It does not work in a jenkins script, so I tried manually from /home/jenkins.

Because it works for one user and not for another on the same machine, I believe the posts I've seen about html5lib and a bad install are not applicable.

See attached log.