João Pinto

Debugging LPC4370 triple core at the same time

Discussion created by João Pinto on Mar 5, 2018

Hello everyone,


I'm using two LPC-Link2 boards with a triple core LPC4370 MCU, one serving as debug probe and the other being the target. To program it I'm using MCUXpresso with the proprietary LPCOpen libraries.

I've successfully programmed each core with simple applications like incrementing a variable and blinking the board LED and I can actually see them work, but I'm only able to debug two of the cores (M4 + M0app or M0sub) and not the three cores available in LPC4370 at the same time: when I try to debug the third core, the debug session automatically goes to the ResetISR() routine, staying there until I terminate that debug session. I'm following the procedure in "Debugging via LPC-Link2" of LPC43xx Cortex-M4 / M0 Multicore Applications. Using only two debug sessions, I'm can interchangeably debug each one of the M0 cores.


My question is if it possible to debug the three cores at the same time instead of stopping one M0 core debug and start another debug session with another M0 core. I can't find any answer about this.


Thanks in advance,