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JTAG vs SWD with MCUXpresso and Kinetis K22. 

Question asked by LI_Dave on Mar 4, 2018
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JTAG vs SWD with MCUXpresso and Kinetis K22.  


I have a new PCB with a K22FN512VDC12.  I can connect to the part with a PE Micro Multilink Universal using SWD mode.  All is fine.  


One of the SW developers claims he could Debug in JTAG mode on another K22 board, but if I uncheck the SWD select box in the config for the Multilink with this board it fails to connect to the target.  I am running the latest MCUXpresso version and just loaded the latest driver from PE Micro.   Physical interface is just straight short wires between the CPU and the JTAG conn.  


I am honestly not concerned but before I go too far down this hole I want to understand if this SHOULD work or not.  Is there something special config wise to enable JTAG mode operation?