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Random hangs during resume on 4.1.15 kernel

Question asked by Doug Jene on Mar 4, 2018
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Hi All,


I am using 4.1.15 freescale kernel on iMX6DL board. I tried using suspend to disk feature on this board and suspend worked fine.


But when I resume there are random hangs observed i.e., sometimes it hangs very early and sometimes at the last stage of resume.


Also I see that problem maybe with timers. When I enabled "CONFIG_DEBUG_TIMEKEEPING" , I received below error messages during resume. I suspect hang may be because of improper timer resume. Please correct me if I am wrong


[ 0.005027] INFO: timekeeping: Cycle offset (4281355128) is larger than the the 'mxc_timer1' clock's 50% safety margin (2147483647)
[ 0.005034] timekeeping: Your kernel is still fine, but is feeling a bit nervous
[ 0.005039] WARNING: Underflow in clocksource 'mxc_timer1' observed, time update ignored.
[ 0.005041] Please report this, consider using a different clocksource, if possible.
[ 0.005045] Your kernel is probably still fine.


I tried 3.14 kernel and everything worked fine.


I have also tried disabling CPU freq and Bus freq but same issue occurs.


Anson Huang igorpadykov 


Guys please let me know your opinions