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EC25E LTE module in imx 6

Question asked by selvamurugan thangavel on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by nagaprasad vasamsetti

I am testing quectel EC25E LTE module on my imx6 board.quectel LTE module will detect as USB.For this,I need to edit option.c file in kernel.I want to add some hex value of EC25E module and add it in kernel.Then it will detect as usb and i will go ahead on another step.Now problem is there is no file like option.c in my kernel .I have few question about this imx6 kernel.I am using linux 3.0.55 kernel on my board.


1)May I download same kernel version and modify the option.c file and add it in kernel.


2)If i will add kernel file like this,in future it will affect reset of the functions of the imx6 or not